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2010 Special Edition
January 15, 2011, 1:17 am
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So, after a really long break, a new Podcast. Except, it’s not new, it’s a collection of my favourite tracks from my 2010 Podcasts.
You might notice, inbetween the music, I have added a couple of files I created during the 5 month break.

In 2009, over at Sidepodcast, a special project was born. A 12 hour audio marathon, called Sidepodradio.
Mostly live, but also partly pre-recorded material. During this, RG had recorded a show, called The Nostradamus Effect,
in which he made various predictions about the following 2010 season, around September of 2009.
The predictions section inspired me to make trailers of them in their own right, inbetween my efforts trying to make trailers for the next Sidepodradio event, from clips of the first event.
I had to put them in this show somehow.
Please do enjoy this show. I will be working on getting Episode #43 out not long after.
And may I thank every single one of you out there, who has ever downloaded and listened to one of my podcasts. I do this for the love of music.
Blip Blip Bleep – Freak You Out (IODA)
Jason Collett – Love Is A Dirty Word (IODA)
Marching Band – Another Day (iTunes(UK Store)|IODA)
Mux Mool – Hog Knuckles (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Oh No Ono – Swim (iTunes|Amazon)
The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! – Ride Frindship (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Silver Swans – Are You Really On My Side (iTunes|Amazon)
Zeus – Marching Through Your Head (Amazon|Napster)
Pocket – Jars Of Fireflies (Pharmatronik Remix) [feat. Tanya Donelly of Belly] (IODA)
Neverever – Young And Dumb (Napster|Puretracks)
Patrick Park – You’ll Get Over (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
RG’s F1 Driver Lineup Predictions for Sidepodradio
Sugar and Gold – Stay Soft (Amazon MP3|Napster)
Dear Martin – Sundrenched Season (iTunes|CDON)
The Besnard Lakes – Albatross (iTunes|Napster)
Wild Nothing – Confirmation (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
DREAMEND – Magnesium Light (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Shyama – Sonic Aura (iTunes|Amazon)
Beach House – Norway (iTunes|IODA)
Geographer – Kites (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Marching Band – It Will Never Slip (iTunes(UK Store)|IODA)
Oh No Ono – Helplessly Young (iTunes|Amazon)
RGs 2010 F1 WDC Predictions for Sidepodradio
Moneybrother – Born Under a Bad Sign (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
NewIslands – Out Of Time (BRETONlabs Remix B) (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Afrobeta – Two Different Worlds (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Broken Social Scene – World Sick (Amazon MP3|Napster)
Kristine W – The Power Of Music (iTunes|Napster)
Javelin – Vibrationz (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Amen Dunes – Murder Dull Mind (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Modern English – It’s Ok (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Baths – Hall (IODA)

The music was provided by IODA Promonet
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New Podcasts on the way…
January 8, 2011, 5:47 pm
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It has been a long time since Episode #42.
Just to let you know, I am listening through a 2010 Special Edition. Once I’m happy with it, then I will upload.
After that work will commence on Episode #43.