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Episode #40 – Startled Bunny
May 29, 2010, 5:21 pm
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This episode should have been out last weekend, but I had to delay it until this one. Mainly because there is something extra in here, something I have been trying to avoid, but feel compelled to try.
I speak. Not for long (after a good few edits anyway), but I’m there. I nearly pulled it out of the episode, which meant delaying.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music within…..

Feral Children – On a Frozen Beach (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Dear Martin – American In Me (Pacific Remix) (iTunes|CDON)
Sugar and Gold – Stay Soft (Amazon MP3|Napster)
Boy Eats Drum Machine – Hoop + Wire (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Moneybrother – Born Under a Bad Sign (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
The Lodger – Have A Little Faith In People (Store)
Magic Bullets – Lying Around (IODA)
NewIslands – Out Of Time (BRETONlabs Remix B) (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Sugar and Gold – Feels Like Fire (Amazon MP3|Napster)
The Shift – On This Side (Courtney Nielsen Beatless Dub) [feat. Bora Yoon] (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Typhoon – White Liars (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Zola Jesus – Night (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
ZLOX – Song of Night (iTunes|Amazon MP3)
Antiqcool – Just Another Groove On A Forty Five (7digital|Amazon MP3)
Briovere Buffentis – Fire (Jamendo)
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Having a Party (iTunes|Amazon MP3)

The music was mainly provided by IODA Promonet
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