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Episode #37 – Startled Bunny
February 13, 2010, 5:15 pm
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First episode of the year. No mashups this time. I’m going to try to keep them out, as much as I like them.
Atomic Cat – In Your Eyes
Pocket – Sampo (Mux Mool Remix) [feat. Yuki Chikudate] (iTunes|Napster)
My Robot Friend – Robot High School (iTunes|Amazon)
Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs (iTunes|Napster)
Charles Atlas – Strategies for Success Boxes (iTunes|Napster)
Shyama – Sonic Aura (iTunes|Amazon)
Edison – Tonka Truck (iTunes|Napster)
Pocket – Beautiful Gray (Styrofoam Remix) [feat. Dave Smalley] (iTunes|Napster)
Kristine W – The Power Of Music (iTunes|Napster)
The Champagne Socialists – Blue Genes (Amazon|Napster)
Lowlights – Under the Sun (iTunes|Amazon)
Williamson – Dendrites on Holiday (iTunes|Amazon)
Dead Times – Sleep (iTunes|Napster)
Alexander Blu – Emptiness (Jamendo
400 Lonely Things – It Begins (iTunes|Amazon)
Vik44 – Praise The Void Dweller (iTunes|Napster)
Revolution Void – Invisible Walls
The music was provided by IODA Promonet and Jamendo
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